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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is becoming very essential for business entities around the world as more and more firms are coming up each day in a market with fierce competition. But what is Trademark Registration exactly and why is it so necessary?

A Trademark is basically a unique mark that is used by an individual, a business organization or a legal firm that establishes its entity and distinguishes it uniquely from others. It is acquired through a legal registration process and is a part of Intellectual Property Rights and is important tool of identification for prospective customers. It can be in various forms like :

  • Words : Band - Aid, Vaseline, Aspirin, Dolby
  • Names : Dacron, Dumpster, Formica, Frisbee, Ping-Pong, Post-it, Styrofoam, Teflon
  • Logos and devices : Symbols for McDonalds, Nike, Apple, WWF, Google
  • Combination of colors, shapes

Many words, which were originally registered as Trademarks, have now become an essential part of our vocabulary because of their immense popularity. This signifies how a Trademark can get diluted over time. In addition, a Trademark is also limited to National boundaries which constrict its use. Trademark Registration can be done in conventional & non-conventional forms and gives an entity the right to initiate legal proceedings against any person/firm for infringement and unauthorized use.

Types of Trademarks Commonly Seen:
  • ⢠A symbol of unregistered trademark
  • ® A symbol of registered trademark
  • SM A symbol of service - mark
  • Other non-conventional Trademarks

Trademark Registration : The Process
  • Rights can be acquired by two methods
    • Through adopting the trademark and using it
    • By applying to the Trademarks Registrar and paying a requisite fee
  • Examination of the application resulting in approval or rejection
  • Acceptance prior to Advertisement
  • Publication of Trademark in TM Journal
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate

The registration is done initially for a period of ten years after which, it has to be renewed after a gap of ten years.

Protection Criteria
A Trademark must make the goods or services of the proprietor / individual distinct from others and should not be similar in any way to existing / pending Trademarks

Trademark Act
Trademark Act of the US code is famous as the Lanham Act and it contains all the statutes of Trademark Laws prohibiting infringement & dilution of Trademarks across USA as well as illegal advertising.


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