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We, a highly professional group have been dealing in a vast range of legal services. Our various services include Trademark Registration, Trademark Filing Services, Copyright Registration, Copyright Filing Services, Patent Registration, Patent Filing Services, Design Registration, Design Filing Services, and so on. Today, we are counted among the reliable Legal services providers & Consultants. Moreover, we are also well reckoned as one of the trusted providers of Intellectual Property Services in India.

Our legal services help various legal fraternities like Judges, Advocates, Engineers, Patents & Trademarks Attorneys/Agents, Scientists and other legal firms in finding out the solutions pertaining to their legal problems. With our flexible approach and strategic focus on various facets of legal procedures, we have been able to serve our valued clients to the best of their profit. Our services are rendered keeping the confidentiality of all parties involved in the matter. We offer services in nearly half of the rates charged by other law firms in India. In addition to this, we also assure of the money back guarantee, if the client is not satisfied.

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Meaning and Content
Designs play a real life role in the modern world. Design means only the features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colours applied to any article whether in two dimensional or three dimensional or in both forms, by any industrial process or means, whether manual, mechanical or chemical, separate or combined, which in the finished article appeal to and are judged solely by the eye; but it does not include a lot of things which are covered under the Trademarks Act and Copyright Act. India recently amended its Designs Act. Of course the compelling reason to do this was the obligations under the TRIPS.

New or Original Designs
A design to be registrable must be new or original. Original means originating from the author of the design. New applications of old designs are registrable. Designs which are not new or original or disclosed to the public anywhere in India or in any other country or not significantly distinguishable from known designs or combinations of known designs or comprising scandalous or obscene matter are not registrable.

Design Registration System
Most countries provide for national design laws providing for a system to administer the registered designs. The process typically involves filing applications for registration of designs in the prescribed format, removing the objections, if any, by the Design Examiner and getting the design granted. In Indian Legal Consultants, we not only deal with each and every aspect concerning Designs Registration Process in India but also provide complete assurance as far as Designs Registration is concerned.

Basics of Designs

Designs Prosecution in India

The Applicant

Any person who claims to be the proprietor of any new or original design not previously published in any country can apply for registration of design in India. In case of a design claiming priority, the Applicant must be a person/entity who has applied for protection for any design in any other convention countries or group of countries or countries, which are members of inter-governmental organizations or his legal representatives, alone or jointly with any other person. The Indian Design Laws provide for 6 months priority from the date of the earliest application. Thus we help our clients to get through all the impediments and technicalities pertaining Design Filing, Design Prosecution, Design Registration etc.

Application Document
The application for a design should be in the manner prescribed under the Designs Act, 2000 and the Designs Rules, 2001. A Design application has to be filed in the form prescribed under the Designs Rules along with the requisite official fee. In preparing the Design specification, it to be ensured that the various claims regarding the Design in its entirety with all it� modification have been covered. It has to be filed in the prescribed form and the official fee is to be paid. Separate application needs to be filed for each design. The same design can be registered in more than one class. The Schedule annexed to the Design Rules Provides for the classes in which the application for design can be filed. This Schedule follows the Locarno Classification.

The date of registration of design will be the same as the date of the application for registration.

Upon filing the application for design, the Controller of Patents and Design will refer the matter to the Examiner of Designs. The Examiner will verify whether the application conforms to the formal and substantive requirements as legally prescribed.

After acceptance of the application, the Design Office will proceed to grant registration.

Term Of Design
The term of registration is for 15 years. The registration is valid for an initial term of 10 years and by renewal this term could be extended for another 5 years.

Prosecution Frame
The Patents & Designs Office issues an official filing receipt as soon as the application has been filed. Thereafter the Patents & Designs Office issues the First Office Action which may contain formal and/or substantive objections in respect of the application for registration.

Time Frame
A design registration can be obtained within a period of 12 (Twelve) months.

Designs Filing in India


Design Registration in India is governed by the Designs Act, 2000 and the Designs Rules, 2001. To prepare and file a Design Application in India, the following information/documents are required:

The Details of the Applicant
The name, address and nationality of the Applicant. If the Applicant is not a natural person the legal status and the place of incorporation.

The Details of the Design :

  • Title of Article
  • Statement of Novelty
  • Class & Sub Class of the article embodying the design is applied under the Locarno Classification.
  • The size of each representation must not be less than 5 by 4 inches or 13 by 10 centimeters wide.

Representations illustrating the views of the article wherein the originality resides. The representations can be in the form of photographs or drawing figures (the Designs Office prefers photographs) showing the perspective, front, rear, top, bottom and side views of the article (4 copies of each view)

Priority Claim details [if applicable]
If the design application claims priority from a corresponding application(s), the following particulars are required :

  • Priority date
  • Priority Country
  • Priority Application Number
  • Certified Priority Document [may submit later]
  • Verified English translation of the priority document [if relevant, may submit later]

Power of Attorney
The duly stamped Power of Attorney in the prescribed form must be submitted. It could be filed subsequent to the filing of the application.

We provide all-inclusive Industrial Design Registration Services throughout the India.


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Intellectual Property Law Rights is one of the fastest growing concepts in modern world. Today each and every proprietor, user is trying to protect his intellectual property by some way or the other. IPR in India has flourished tremendously in the last ten years. In order to take optimum advantage of the rights attached to Intellectual property Rights it is extremely necessary to register it.

We are one of the trustworthy providers of Intellectual Property Rights Services based in India.

IPR Patent
In India, the most important and technical concept of Intellectual property rights is the patents. The patent law in India is governed by the Indian Patents Acty, 1970. The patent law in India has its source from the English law.
In India, patent is granted for a period of twenty years. However it is required to be renewed every year. After the expiry of twenty years, the monopoly rights ceases to exist and the patent in question is available for each and every one to benefit. The Patent Act which was earlier governing the patent laws in India had a lot of loopholes. However it was replaced by the Indian Patent (Amendment) Act, 1999.The best clause introduced by the new Act was the implementation of the exclusive marketing rights which allowed the applicant to distribute and market his products in India from the date of filing of the application without waiting for the whole procedure concerning grant of patent. The main object of this site is to make people aware of different aspects associated with the filing and prosecution of the Patent application along with the providing swift services concerning the same.

IPR Protection
There has been remarkable development in the areas of science technology and commerce during the last few decades. This has mainly happened due to the continuous effort and hard work of scientists, business holder and artists from different parts of the world. The outcome of this entire thing comes within the purview of intellectual property rights. It is to be noted that in order to promote the art of various artists and intellect of different people, it is extremely important to protect the intellectual property rights of different countries. The protection pertaining to the different branches of Intellectual property can be acquired at the national and international level .The most important priority of intellectual property right is to safeguard the property of different people which can indirectly contribute to the development of industry and commerce. Thus in order to safeguard Intellectual property rights, it is extremely necessary that all the factors coming within the ambit of IPR must be protected in a legal manner.

IPR Rights
Intellectual property rights mainly speaks of the remedy which are available to the owner of the Intellectual property in case it gets infringed or violated by any person unauthorized to act in this regard. As a general rule, the legal remedy can be claimed only if the legal right has been properly safeguarded. In India the different statutes governing intellectual property are Indian patents Act, 1970, Indian Trademarks Act, 1999, Indian Copyright Act, 1957, The Designs Act, 2000 and the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. In India, to file a suit against possible infringement is a matter of right. However these rights can be exercised in an effective manner only when the Intellectual properties are registered as per the rules and regulations governing the same. According to a famous maxim rights is not guaranteed to those who sleep over their rights. Thus in order to enjoy maximum benefit of legal right concerning a captioned Intellectual property it is highly recommended to register the same at the earliest so that possible infringement and violation can be tackled systematically.


Company Registration Service What are the types of Business Entities Available in India?
The following types of Business entitles are available in India :
Limited Liability Partnership, LLP in India
A law to allow "Limited Liability Partnership" (LLP) in India has been enacted by the Parliament of India recently.
  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Unlimited Company
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship

In addition to the above legal entities, the following types of entities are available for foreign investors/foreign companies doing business in India:
  • Liaison Office
  • Representative Office
  • Project Office
  • Branch Office
  • Wholly owned Subsidiary Company
  • Joint Venture Company

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Copyright means the exclusive right subject to the provisions of this Act, to do or authorize the doing of any of the following acts in respect of a work or any substantial part thereof, namely:-in case of literary, dramatic or musical work.

  • To reproduce the work in any material form including the storing of it in any medium by electronic means,
  • To issue copies of the work to the public not being copies already in circulation
  • To perform the work in public, or communicate it to the public
  • To make any cinematographic film or sound recording in respect of the work
  • To make any translation of the work
  • To make any adaptation of the work
  • To do in relation to a translation or an adaptation of the work, any of the acts specified in relation to the work in sub-classes to.

In case of computer programme-

  • To do any of the acts specified in clause (a)
  • To sell or give on commercial rental or offer for sale or for commercial rental any copy of the computer programme.

In case of artistic work

  • To reproduce the work in any material form including depiction in three dimensions of a two dimensional work or in two dimension of a three dimension work
  • To communicate the work to the public
  • To issue copies of the work to the public not being copies already in circulations
  • To include the work in any cinematographic film;
  • To make any adaptation of the work.
  • To do in relation to an adaptation of the work any of the acts specified in relation to the work in sub classes (i) to (iv)

In case of cinematographic film

  • To make a copy of the film including a photograph of any image forming part there of
  • To sell or give on hire or offer for sale or hire, any copy of the film, regardless of whether such copy has been sold or given on hire on earlier occasions;

In the case of a sound recording

  • To make any other sound recording embodying it;
  • To sell or give on hire, or offer for sale on hire, any copy of the sound recording, regardless of whether such copy has been sold or given on hire on earlier occasions;
  • To communicate the sound recording to the public.

Copyright filing in India
Copyright of literary, dramatic, artistic, cinematographic, musical or computer programme is extremely important. Copyright not only safeguards the interest of the owner but also protects his right from being infringed. Copyright acts as a license to fight against an infringement or violation of the same. The statutory fee for Copyright Registration in India and Copyright Filing in India is extremely low. Another advantage of copyright is that it is registered within a span of five to six months.

Indian Legal Consultants is one of the best providers of Copyright Registration Services and Copyright Protection Services based in India since its professional charges are less as compared to most of the law firms in India. Apart from being cost effective, its main priority is to provide the best possible Copyright Services at the earliest.

Infringement of Copyright
It is intrinsic to copyright an artistic, literary, musical, cinematographic or computer programme. But sometimes even after copyright of the same there is every possibility that it might get infringed. Thus, it is extremely important to keep a track on all the copyright that are advertised before registration. Indian Legal Consultants has a group of associates who keep a record of all the copyright works that are being registered. Once we find that a particular copyrights has been infringed by someone, we immediately starts to act. Thus, we are not only confined to provide the following services :

  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Renewal
  • Filing Opposition

But, we also tend to provide each and every service related to Indian Copyright.

Thus, we have all the Professionals, experts, Scientists, Engineers, Advocates, Patent Agents Trademark Agents, Patent Attorneys, Judges and youths from different legal sectors who looks after the Trademark Registration in India, Patent Registration in India, Copyright Registration in India, and other services related to the field of Intellectual Property Right.

Copyright Violation
Copyright violation means infringing the rights of registered owner of copyright. If any person does any thing, the exclusive right to do which is conferred by the Act on the owner of the copyright, without the permission, authorisation or license of the owner, than it is violation of copyright. Violation is not confined to literal or exact repetition or reproduction, it also includes the modes in which the matter of any work may be adopted, imitated, transferred or reproduced. The question of violation of copyright is not one quantity but of quality and value. It is to be noted that in case of violation of copyright, before leveling the charge of plagiarism against defendant it must be shown that the defendant has taken considerable portion of the matter from the original and have made an unfair use of the protective mark. The two works must be scrutinized meticulously and not hypercritically. The court observed in a particular case pertaining to violation of copyright that �it is the intellectual production of the author which can be protected through copyright and not the form which such production ultimately takes. It is to be noted that innocence cannot be considered as a defence for violation of copyright. A person cannot claim the defense of innocence if he has been charged for violation of copyright.


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We are well reckoned as one of the reliable Legal Service Consultants. Our experienced team of lawyers / solicitors handles a comprehensive range of litigations in City Civil Courts and High Courts throughout India. We represent companies, partnerships, sole traders and other organizations (Charitable, Trusts, etc.) in Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Conciliation Proceedings.

We strive to offer a prompt, efficient and practical Legal Support Services in India. Moreover, we also provide opinions and suggestions pertaining to various other fields of legal fraternity. We are flexible enough to adapt what we do to the needs of each individual client. We are comfortable with City Civil Courts and High Courts proceedings, but at the same time also recognize that litigation is expensive and the outcome may be uncertain. While we shall fight from your end vigorously in court, we realize that there are often more creative and less expensive ways of resolving commercial disputes.

We work closely with our clients in working out what they want to achieve through instructing us, and adopt a strategy to suit each individual client.

Thus, consulting is always free of cost and prompt at our organization. Just send any legal query and experience our prompt response from a team of legal eagles situated at all Metros. You can also avail a private meeting with our panel of Lawyers discuss with them your queries/problems effectively.

Litigation Support / Legal Research Services
Our Litigation Support / Legal Research Support services help global law firms / private individuals use offshore legal research staff to obtain more customized, quicker, and cheaper legal research assistance. We provide customized legal research for litigation, commercial contract documentation and arbitration. Our specially trained staff of lawyers specializes in Arbitration Matters and commercial civil litigation catering individuals and organizations throughout India at City Civil Courts and High Courts.

As, we are one of the remarkable Legal Management Consultants, we emphasize on client satisfaction and hence we even offer free and prompt consultancy.


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