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Patent Registration

Intellectual Property has become today the most sought after wealth in the world. With increasing risk of duplication and forgery of ideas, inventions and products, the need to protect and secure the unique and individual identity of anything new, has become inevitable. One of the most common preferred and secure ways of protecting your ideas and inventions is by availing Patent Registration for it.

Patents are generally described as the rights granted to an individual or a company who invents anything new, to exclusively manufacture or process the product, for prescribed time frame. Patents play a very important role in determining and securing distinct identity of the product as well as the person who has invented it. Therefore Patent Registration is has become increasingly important part of business. Patent not only allows one to protect it from being copied but also ensures limited, legalized use of the idea or products, with written permission from the owner to do so. Once registered, a Patent can be treated as a security commodity that can be traded or hired like any other asset, and therefore is also a valuable source of income for owners.

The Registration Process for Patents is very simple and involves following steps :
  • Filing of Application for registration of the Patent
  • Submission of Power of Attorney duly stamped by Public Notary
  • Examination of the Application
  • Acceptance or Refusal of the Patent.


Patents have become the most common and effective way of protecting your intellectual property. With the increasing awareness about the advantages of Patent, we have witnessed a general positive trend in the Registration of International Patents.


The Patent Registration Process in India is, undertaken in accordance with The Indian Patent Act of 1970. The legislation defines Patent as a right that is assigned to individual or an origination who individually or collectively invents or develops a product or process of manufacturing a product.


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